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Palestinians- Victims? Or Master Propagandists?

This image of a distressed young girl is making it’s rounds on Twitter. Authors of these posts are claiming that the image is of a crying Palestinian girl. Her home destroyed by an Israeli bomb.

There is one problem. That is not what the photograph depicts.

The photo actually shows a young Afghani Harazi girl, after an ISIS suicide attack in West Kabul.

The Harazi people are a persecuted minority in Afghanistan, and the photo comes from the Harazi United Movement website. (Link Below)


This isn’t the first time Palestinian propagandists have misrepresented provocative photographs as Israeli oppression.

Earlier this year, this photo, shown below, was shared on Facebook, depicting a young Palestinian boy shot by Israeli forces.

But the picture is not real. It was from a film called Mamlakat al-Naml (The Kingdom of Ants) released in 2012.

There have been incidents of Israelis abusing the Palestinians, so why produce manufactured outrage?

Because reality is boring. The real incidents are too few, and not as effective at invoking emotion to mobilize anger and hatred for the Israeli people. Reality is insufficient to produce such outrage, so propagandists misrepresent ambiguous photographs.

The propagandists are aware that westerners are suckers for oppressor-oppressed narratives. Their motivation is that of hatred of a different group of people. The truth be damned, they will use every tactic to defeat their 1,500 year old enemies. To direct hatred and violence toward the Jewish people, and to manipulate naive westerners to hate them as well.

There is no political strategy. There is no power to be gained. This is primal hatred of a different tribe of people. This is a fight over who Daddy (God) loves more.

Maybe one day this will all be resolved. It is certainly something worthy of our hope. Until then, be skeptical, and use Google reverse image searches liberally.

Is Tim Pool Right Wing?

Recently Tim Pool, a political commentator and YouTuber was labeled “Right-Wing” by the media after accepting an invitation to a social media summit at the White House.

Interestingly, Tim Pool’s political views are mostly left-leaning, so why did he get stuck, with a right wing label?

Pool is not a follower, or NPC if you will. He speaks what he thinks, truthfully and in good faith, I believe. In the mid 90’s he would have been a good Democrat, however, in 2019, the core values of the Democratic party are zealously protected. It has almost become analogous to the Catholic church in the 1500’s. ‘You have a new idea? Well you must be an enemy of the party’.

There is an odd sense of a pressure to conform in the modern Democratic party. This becomes challenging when the party’s platform changes from underneath you.

In just a few short years Socialism has crept from the fringes into the mainstream. Up until Trumps election, Democrats were against illegal immigration, but now the idea of open borders is being pushed as a mainline idea. Transgender women are dominating women’s sports, and being celebrated. The list goes on.

Tim Pool, for his crime of daring to question the state of American politics, is castigated as right wing. The media did not do this because they think it is true. They did it to attempt to invalidate his position before his words were heard by an audience.