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Want to Keep the 2nd Amendment? You Don’t Get to Have it For Free.

Just Make a Law

If guns cause violence, then why not just make a law against them? Maybe in a perfect world this would work, but not in reality. Have you noticed that murders are illegal, yet they still occur?

The problem with criminals is that they tend to break laws. That is literally the definition of the word: one who commits a crime.

Then there is the assumption that a law ensures that an undesired action will not occur. This is obviously false. A law only prescribes the punishment as a consequence of action. This deters law-abiding citizens, but not those who wish to harm others.

How to Deter a Mass-Shooter

If laws prescribe punishment, and if law abiding citizens are deterred from committing crimes, because they have obligations to their family, careers, and reputations, how do you deter a disturbed individual who has no family, career, or reputation? What law will you use to deter someone who wants to inflict as much pain and suffering as possible to others, before ending their own life?

Many politicians have suggested making guns less accessible in the United States. Then you are left with another problem: the 400 million legally owned guns and over a trillion rounds of ammunition. If you ban the sale of guns today, you still have to contend with existing firearms for decades.

Laws are useless against people trying to destroy themselves and others.

So we can wait for the police to show up, because it takes a good person with a gun to stop a bad person with a gun, or we can use the 2nd Amendment, bear our arms, and make psychopathic killers think twice about being the lone wolf looking for sheep upon which to prey. Sheep need protectors.

Open carry and concealed carry are legal in many counties and states, so why do so few people carry?

I don’t blame someone for not carrying- it is a tremendous responsibility. Most people probably shouldn’t, but one or two armed people in a crowd may be a deterrent.

Many more should carry. There are too many sheep, and too few guardians.

If firearms advocates are not willing to accept responsibility for performing their civic duty, the 2nd Amendment will be repealed, an unprecedented revocation of the original bill of rights.

If the 2nd Amendment is not used to protect the innocent from evil, it will not exist in the future.