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“Immigration” and “Illegal Immigration”

Many influences and media outlets are conflating immigration, and illegal immigration. Is this an honest mistake, or political manipulation?

A post or article that uses the term “immigration” in place of the term “illegal immigration”, should draw immediate skepticism.

It is a subtle difference, but it shifts the narrative from a legal issue, to a xenophobic issue.

Some authors exploit the meaning beneath the surface to frame the reader’s point of reference.

Here are some possible underlying meanings of immigration terms:

Opposing “illegal immigration”:

  • Desire to enforce the laws of the nation.
  • Recognize the sovereignty of the nation.
  • Respect for immigrants who followed the legal process.

Opposing “immigration”:

  • Xenophobic
  • Racist
  • White Nationalist

Perhaps an author made an honest mistake in imprecisely transposing the two terms, but be aware that some authors are willfully attempting to manipulate the narrative in order to empower their hidden political motives.