Reductio ad Hitlerum

Playing the Nazi card, is an attempt to invalidate someone else’s position on the basis that the same view was held by Adolf Hitler or the Nazi Party, for example: “Hitler was against tobacco smoking, X is against tobacco smoking, therefore X is a Nazi”.

Two similiar looking pictures: a fence, people held in detention on one side, political officials on the other.

The creator of the picture even matched the colors to make them more similiar.

This is an example of the Reduction to Hitler fallacy. Upon analysis, it is absurd. The difference between immigration detention in the United States, and concentration camps in Nazi Germany during World War II are incomparable.

Attempts to draw parallels between the two are politically motivated, evidenced by the complete lack of outrage at the exact situation under the Obama administration. It is an attempt to manipulate the emotional state of the public to lessen the support for the current administration, and is exploitative of all who suffered under the Nazis during World War II.

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