AOC is Going to get Trump Reelected

Who is AOC? A first term, junior representative from New York. How is she having the impact that many senior representatives never reach?


AOC has huge monetary support from her base. Most Democratic representatives rely on support from established Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi. Most of them have to stay in lock step with the party to get monetary help from the Democratic establishment. But not AOC.

AOC is able to say whatever she wants, when she wants, without consequence from the Democratic leadership. It is because she does not have to rely on support from politicians senior to her.

Her outlandish statements against the Democratic establishment are causing a rift within her party. She does not consider the strategic mistake she is making on the precipice of the 2020 elections.

If she continues to “go rogue” (where have we heard that before), she is going to continue to divide her party, and give the perception of instability which will harm the prospects of the Democratic presidential candidate, whoever that may be.

While she might feel like she is leading the party, in reality, she is taking the attention off of Trump, and on to the Democrats. Typically, that means lower polling numbers, giving the Republicans a competitive edge that the Democrats cannot afford to lose, if they expect to win the election.

AOC lacks knowledge and wisdom. She is a powerful figure, but also a figure of divisiveness and instability. Something that will certainly hurt the Democrats in these critical months before the election.

Photo Credit: El Borde [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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